JES Sleep Inn is the residential centre of JES, a youth organisation that develops projects in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. The residence has 89 beds and is located in an old industrial building tucked away between the historic city centre of Brussels and Tour and Taxis, making it the ideal base for small and large groups to experience and explore the city.


Sleep in one of our 16 artistic rooms. From the outset, JES Sleep Inn decided it wanted the interior design of all its rooms and public areas to have a more artistic feel, which is why it cooperated with various emerging artists, schools (including art schools) and various local projects. JES Sleep Inn has:

13 rooms for 5 guests
1 room for 4 guests

with an en-suite bathroom and separate toilet

2 double rooms
for 5 to 8 guests

with a room divider, a kitchenette, meeting room, 2 bathrooms

1 room for 6 guests

with shared showers and sanitation

additional room

You can also rent additional rooms for meetings or for organising your own activities in house.
Check out our halls via the video below

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Daily rental

For all team-meetings or training sessions, the JES Sleep Inn has two rooms available that can be rented without accomodation : Terras and Pilaar.

Our other spaces are reservered to our guests and can therefore not be rented for a long term. If you are looking for last minute room, please contact us to ask about the availability.


Self-catering: rent one of our two kitchens if you prefer to cater all meals yourself.

Catering: youth work and education groups can subscribe to our catering offer on weekdays. They can choose to stay with breakfast, half or full board.

  • We serve a children’s or standard breakfast.
  • If you choose half board, we will prepare a picnic buffet in addition to breakfast. Just put together your own picnic before you venture into the city.
  • School groups can also choose our full board option, in which case we serve breakfast, a picnic buffet and a hot meal (soup, main course, dessert).