In addition to accommodation, we also organise affordable and experimental activities for young people. Take your pick from a series of activities to make your stay even more fun and ensure your group bonds even more, under the expert supervision of the JES team.

indoor climbing and caving adventure

Our De Brock adventure space has plenty of challenging and stimulating tasks in store for you. Learn the ropes of sport climbing or caving techniques. Or why not accept a daunting and seemingly impossible challenge as a group?


Step into our courtyard and you will see our “via ferrata” rise up in front of you. This 12-metre high structure, made of steel and concrete, is a veritable obstacle course with walkways, rope ladders, hanging and other bridges, balance beams and much more.

custom group dynamics

We will set your group a number of challenges. And then it’s up to you to successfully complete these seemingly impossible tasks. A great idea to cement your bond as a group and also understand group dynamics..