balcony room

Our Balcony Room is a former warehouse, that was transformed into a rustic, multi-purpose venue, on two floors. The ground floor level has a bar and fridges for drinks. “De Bokal”, a smaller room, which can be used for educational, training or meeting activities, is situated on the Balcony.
The balcony room is always rented in combination with a kitchen.

Available: 85 chairs, 10 large tables, 2 projectors, screen, music system.


“De Distillerie”, a multi-purpose room which can be used as a dining room, training or meeting room, is situated on the third floor.
Next to the main hall is a smaller room, the Zenne, which is furnished as a seating area, but which can also be used for activities with a smaller group.

In addition, there is a smaller multipurpose space “Kanaal” that can be rented out separately.

The Distillerie is always rented in combination with a kitchen.

Available: 55 chairs, 15 tables, music system.


Are you looking for a functional but pleasant space with all confort ? Our renovated attic floor is a combination of a kitchen and a living space for group of up to 15 people. It’s a nice location to have a weekend with your friends or family but als the perfect area for a brainstorm or overstay with your team.

Facilities : equipped kitchen and dining room for 15 people, lounge area with bar for 15 people; projector and projection screen, possibility to rent an additional meeting room for 10 people


Kanaal is a smaller room, with a fixed projector and projection screen, which is perfectly suited for more passive training sessions, or workshops with smaller groups. You can combine it with De Distillerie and/or Zenne.

Available: 25 chairs, 8 tables, projector, music system.